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What is

StockMonitor a project to help individual investors, like myself, monitor the stock markets. For most people, trading is not a full-time job but a secondary activity. Yet, investing is important for your future and your retirement. Thus, we have to deal with information overload on a daily basis. I build these tools for investors to find good stocks, compare them using rankings, ratios and identify buying opportunities and selling targets. This website lists safe income/dividend stocks and blue-chip, high-quality growing stocks from different sectors and industries. Data is entered and gathered from multiple sources into one comprehensive and unified interface to assist with decision making. Convenient links to popular investing websites are designed to speed up your stock research.

Stock/Company Research

We provide a simple and comprehensive interface with multiple fields so you can quickly identify a good stock and compare it with other companies. There are three views: Overview, Fundamental and Technical. Overview lists price, P/E, ratings, charts, and resource links. Fundamental lists common financial ratios. Technical lists the current trading trends.

Dividend Stocks

There are separate sections for income investors that list stocks with growing dividends, including Dividend Champions, Dividend Contenders, Dividend Challengers and Dividend Aristocrats. The dividend calendar is designed to list the stocks with upcoming dividends.


Option trading is no longer just for professional and active traders. They are becoming more and more available to investors. Selling covered calls is a popular method to earn more income from your stocks. I created several option evaluators: covered call calculator and cash-secured put calculator. They are designed to help you determine a strike price, expiry month in order to maximize additional income. Covered Call strategies include Buy/Write, Write and Roll.


This site is designed as a starting point for your own research. No guarantee on data accuracy and/or timeliness. No recommendation or specific advice on any stock or option is implied.


Please contact me if you like the provided tools and/or have ideas for improvements. Your feedback will help me identify what is working and what is not working. Thank you. Email: