- Investing For Income

Monitor consecutive up/down days for stocks. Multiple consecutive down days can be a good entry. Multiple consecutive up days can be a good exit. Strategies include 4x2 and 3x2 trading strategy. This tool is useful even if you are a long-term investor and not a short-term trader. You should always find a good entry point to buy into any stock in order to hold it for a long time for dividend and capital appreciation.
18-Aug-17220.79224.09220.55222.1531493240.73000000000002 (0.33%)UP 1 days
17-Aug-17224.38225.98221.11221.423460287-4.19 (-1.86%)DOWN 2 days
16-Aug-17228.26229.01225.00225.612393898-1.98 (-0.87%)DOWN 1 days
15-Aug-17229.57230.61227.50227.5918670430.22999999999999 (0.10%)UP 2 days
14-Aug-17226.37229.83226.30227.3622660693.21 (1.43%)UP 1 days
11-Aug-17225.07226.68222.65224.152956601-1.35 (-0.60%)DOWN 4 days
10-Aug-17229.02229.45225.47225.503325531-5.51 (-2.39%)DOWN 3 days
9-Aug-17230.32231.49229.06231.012571146-1.04 (-0.45%)DOWN 2 days
8-Aug-17232.40235.83231.70232.053322548-0.86999999999998 (-0.37%)DOWN 1 days
7-Aug-17229.80233.13229.29232.9238097643.13 (1.36%)UP 1 days