- Investing For Income

Monitor consecutive up/down days for stocks. Multiple consecutive down days can be a good entry. Multiple consecutive up days can be a good exit. Strategies include 4x2 and 3x2 trading strategy. This tool is useful even if you are a long-term investor and not a short-term trader. You should always find a good entry point to buy into any stock in order to hold it for a long time for dividend and capital appreciation.
18-Oct-1798.1598.5597.6397.99101586260.36999999999999 (0.38%)UP 1 days
17-Oct-1798.0798.1897.3297.6210335687-0.22 (-0.22%)DOWN 1 days
16-Oct-1796.3497.9596.3497.84124340091.98 (2.07%)UP 1 days
13-Oct-1795.4896.7194.9695.8613190576-0.13 (-0.14%)DOWN 3 days
12-Oct-1797.3097.5095.6295.9918251616-0.27000000000001 (-0.28%)DOWN 2 days
11-Oct-1796.8396.9196.2296.261493431-0.86999999999999 (-0.90%)DOWN 1 days
10-Oct-1796.4697.1896.2497.13106315270.72 (0.75%)UP 1 days
9-Oct-1796.9697.0796.1496.417765100-0.51000000000001 (-0.53%)DOWN 2 days
6-Oct-1797.5597.6496.4796.9210231853-0.17 (-0.18%)DOWN 1 days
5-Oct-1796.0097.4095.5597.09142362190.73 (0.76%)UP 1 days