- Investing For Income

Monitor consecutive up/down days for stocks. Multiple consecutive down days can be a good entry. Multiple consecutive up days can be a good exit. Strategies include 4x2 and 3x2 trading strategy. This tool is useful even if you are a long-term investor and not a short-term trader. You should always find a good entry point to buy into any stock in order to hold it for a long time for dividend and capital appreciation.
18-Aug-1764.9965.2264.3464.381428285-0.78 (-1.20%)DOWN 8 days
17-Aug-1765.8666.4065.1565.162460971-0.85000000000001 (-1.29%)DOWN 7 days
16-Aug-1766.7266.9265.6066.012600249-0.42 (-0.63%)DOWN 6 days
15-Aug-1767.1067.4966.4166.432004008-0.33 (-0.49%)DOWN 5 days
14-Aug-1767.3567.8266.7066.762046949-0.22 (-0.33%)DOWN 4 days
11-Aug-1767.5767.5766.8266.981750306-0.33 (-0.49%)DOWN 3 days
10-Aug-1768.0468.5067.2367.312295199-0.92 (-1.35%)DOWN 2 days
9-Aug-1769.1669.2267.7668.232945206-1.11 (-1.60%)DOWN 1 days
8-Aug-1769.2470.1968.9469.3420822280.10000000000001 (0.14%)UP 2 days
7-Aug-1769.1569.5068.8669.2429290390.099999999999994 (0.14%)UP 1 days