- Investing For Income

Monitor consecutive up/down days for stocks. Multiple consecutive down days can be a good entry. Multiple consecutive up days can be a good exit. Strategies include 4x2 and 3x2 trading strategy. This tool is useful even if you are a long-term investor and not a short-term trader. You should always find a good entry point to buy into any stock in order to hold it for a long time for dividend and capital appreciation.
26-Jun-1789.2289.7288.9889.153491550-0.049999999999997 (-0.06%)DOWN 1 days
23-Jun-1789.4489.5088.8989.2067070930.11 (0.12%)UP 2 days
22-Jun-1788.9789.5988.7189.0935493520.3 (0.34%)UP 1 days
21-Jun-1788.9789.1488.5788.793549356-0.029999999999987 (-0.03%)DOWN 2 days
20-Jun-1788.7389.5288.5688.823535017-0.17 (-0.19%)DOWN 1 days
19-Jun-1788.0889.0788.0488.9938065840.91 (1.03%)UP 4 days
16-Jun-1788.0088.3587.5388.0854367650.42 (0.48%)UP 3 days
15-Jun-1787.3387.9887.1487.6629799170.0099999999999909 (0.01%)UP 2 days
14-Jun-1787.5688.0087.3587.6535097740.45 (0.52%)UP 1 days
13-Jun-1787.5888.2087.1287.204459803-0.42999999999999 (-0.49%)DOWN 1 days