- Investing For Income

Monitor consecutive up/down days for stocks. Multiple consecutive down days can be a good entry. Multiple consecutive up days can be a good exit. Strategies include 4x2 and 3x2 trading strategy. This tool is useful even if you are a long-term investor and not a short-term trader. You should always find a good entry point to buy into any stock in order to hold it for a long time for dividend and capital appreciation.
18-Aug-1783.3283.8183.1283.414440985-0.26000000000001 (-0.31%)DOWN 2 days
17-Aug-1784.4884.8583.6483.673789022-0.92999999999999 (-1.10%)DOWN 1 days
16-Aug-1784.8384.9284.5484.6043762150.0099999999999909 (0.01%)UP 4 days
15-Aug-1784.5885.0184.4284.5927659890.12 (0.14%)UP 3 days
14-Aug-1784.0585.0784.0584.4733467500.76000000000001 (0.91%)UP 2 days
11-Aug-1783.3284.2483.0983.7143021670.66999999999999 (0.81%)UP 1 days
10-Aug-1783.5883.8683.0283.043495768-0.91 (-1.08%)DOWN 1 days
9-Aug-1783.7584.0283.5183.9535192680.12 (0.14%)UP 1 days
8-Aug-1784.2984.5383.6783.833825259-0.54000000000001 (-0.64%)DOWN 1 days
7-Aug-1783.7784.5583.7084.3736476130.69 (0.82%)UP 1 days